Saturday, 2 July 2011

Light through a prism hit me square between the eyes...

Sat on the Saturday sofa reading about Liz Taylor's jewels soon to be auctioned,  I felt a trifle sorry for myself.

Emeralds to match my eyes, what could be better I thought.
I need a wealthy man to give me all the things my grasping heart desires.

At that split second as if a bolt of lightening had struck... 
a shaft of light got me smack in my envy green eyes.

"Serve you right!"
I hear you splutter.

A thought flashed across my furrowed brow
'If this isn't a sign from above or even perish the thought, below, I don't know what is!'

Get real LL, bask in the glow of the love of a good man.  No amount of money can purchase it, even in the best auction houses of the world.

I got my bottom off the sofa to capture this moment with my camera and this is what it revealed...

A blooming spider has only made a nest in my fairy shoes hanging in the window...

That dazzling rainbow light revealed a lot to me...

1.) Stop feeling sorry for your spoilt lump self

2.) Be grateful for what you've got 

3.) Get a cleaner

4.)  Get a grip and grow up!


  1. Ha ha ha!

    You're so right, all the jewels in the world won't bring you happiness - just look at Elizabeth Taylor.


  2. Get out the feather duster, give your man a hug and retire back to the sofa with wotsits and grape juice, it's Saturday night!
    Lisa x