Friday, 29 July 2011

Am I a stroppy moo? Or does it...

just go with the territory of...
getting blooming old?


You might well ask...

I am incensed by people who drive while using a mobile phone.

Only yesterday in the village where I live, Lettice and I were crossing the road, when from out of nowhere a lady driving an Audi at speed appeared.  Worse than that, in a 30 mile a hour area she was gassing on the phone to a pal. 

Remember the cones hotline?  Don't tell me you've forgotten!

Should there be a driving whilst using a mobile phone hotline?

Or perhaps a web page of offending folks' numberplates.

Name and shame them.

or worse than that killing someone else, or even the kids in the back of your car!

What do you think?


  1. It's against the law here where I live to drive while using a cell phone held in your hand. It is still acceptable to use hands free but I think that's a distraction too. I'm even against people walking and using a cell phone. I'm so sick and tired of seeing people step out onto the road totally oblivious of oncoming traffic...eeeek...their phone call is more important that their lives I guess. Rant over..:)

  2. Morning Mary Ann, Yes it's against the law here too and do you think it makes one jot of difference? Does it heck as like! Hubs (ex police officer) agrees with you about using hands free. LLX

  3. You are right to get incensed with these people. It's such a stupid thing to do. Mobile phones are very useful at times, driving is't one of them!
    Lisa x

  4. It pisses me off no end! selfish buggers! I have lots of issues with Audi drivers! lol!

  5. Totally agree, Lettice. I see so many lorry drivers/white van men driving at speed, phone in hand along the 30 mile zone outside my home. Lighting and smoking a cigarette whilst driving is as bad.