Thursday, 14 July 2011

A flavour of my Thursday...

new shoes...
aren't they just adorable?

I went yesterday for the first time in five years to a car boot sale!
I don't usually because I love my home, and I'm too idle to get in the car and go.
Trouble now is...
I love these huge Minnie Mouse shoes so much, I can see me sloping off again anytime soon.

These crazy patchwork curtains were made by me in Debs sewing class.
I ought to own up now there isn't love in each stitch.  There is however a cuss in each couple of inches.
Why Oh Why, did clever clogs elect to take on such painful process I ask you?

The lining is some lovely ebay material bought many moons ago,
think you can just see it on this photo.

These pictures are of my higgledy-piggedly veg plot
any similarity to the curtains is purely in your imagination!

I do love roughty-toughty; not in my men mind!
Sorry fellers!

My idle view on gardening is...
 plants have a better idea than you so...
let 'em get on with it.

These tomatoes I won't grow again, I bought it at a farmers market, can't remember the name and as you can see aren't worth the effort.  They don't taste that good either!

This wooden bird bought in Thailand is sitting atop of my perpetual 
sweet peas.  Idle gardening again, can't be bothered to plant one year and then wait until the next for the flowers.  These pop up every time, without fail.

Sage, fever few and hollyhocks jostle for prime position.

My rude, but oh so prolific courgette/squash.

 Raised beds with banana shallots and garlic.

My directors chair, smack in the middle of my greenhouse,the nerve centre of my horticultural operation.  From here feet up, glass of wine in hand, I survey my veggie domain.  Deafened by the sound of growing.

Crystal cucumbers clambering between a pretty little climbing plant.

A picture of my lovely Pop, who is now sadly gardening in the sky.
He keeps me company in my lair, we share some good memories over a glass of
something chilled on a many a summers' evening.

No this isn't a Beef Satay plant, it's the top of the glorious Sun gold tomatoes which never find their way into a salad...
Why?  Because I scoff them warm off the vine.  Hubs really has no idea of their deliciousness!

Spilling onto the path, snapdragon seeds, hollyhocks and

also known as Nigella.
Aren't the seed pods just the bees knees?

More rampant rude ones and mint.

Hollyhocks as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like their reaching right up to the sky.

I have been working as well today!
These two bags are nearing completion for the next 
on 3rd September.

Come and say Hi!

And finally a star find on Lettice's walk yesterday,
alright I know it has probably been blown out of the churchyard onto the lane.
As it was bereft of flowers I thought it was a fair cop!?!

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.




  1. I love your garden. That's what I'm aiming for...beautiful natural randomness....but the hubby does most of the gardening as it is his hobby. He's outside now in the scorching noon sun clipping the rose bushes as he thinks they look untidy...arrgggh:)

  2. Hi Mary Ann, Hubby is obviously of the 'Uniformity is a fine thing' school of gardening. Me I'm a Pimms gardener, the only way on a hot day! LLX

  3. I love it all, for it's higgeldy piggeldy loveliness, i'm just the same, wonky is good xx

  4. Sophie, We love wonky, don't we just! Are you still on the look out for my Ted? Trouble is IF you find him, you'll want to keep him I'm sure! And so would I! Be happy lassie, LLX

  5. With your magpie tendencies I'm astounded you haven't been booting for so long! Love your garden, productive and pretty.
    Lisa x

  6. I expected to see those curtains up at the window by now!
    A Wednesday boot fair.....was it busy?

  7. Great post. Gorgeous patchwork curtains, they will look SO SWEET in your pretty little windows. Your garden is just perfect, so very pretty.


  8. All that's been said before and