Sunday, 10 July 2011

I beaver away on and off all day in my studio...

for light relief I...

 troll up the steep, steep stairs to my eyrie under the stars, gathering white washing as I go...
for the 26th time (slight exaggeration) I check to see if anyone is blogging today. 

Up pops Viv and you know something, suddenly I wish I'd kept my blooming nose to the grindstone!

Why you might very well wonder?

Well I'll tell you, seeing as you're dying to know...

hensteeth (that's her!!!) has been airing her latest creations.

And I don't know about hensbloomingteeth but I'm sick to my back teeth because at a stroke (or stitch in her case!) she has made my pathetic efforts look what they are...

Compare a clapped out old nag to a racing thoroughbred and yes...
they've both got legs in each corner, have big yellow teeth and a warm soft prickly
nose.  And that is where the similarity ends. 

And there you have it.

You've either got it or you haven't.

My day has been totally ruined, realising I'm definitely in the latter category!

On a more serious note get yourselves over there before she sells all her wonderful wares. 



  1. Ha ha ha ha! That made me laugh! I too drooled over Viv's blog post today, totally in awe of her Dirk the Dog, and those gorgeous ipod, phone, mp3 player pouches. They are so gorgeous - problem is, if I had one I'd be frightened to use it and risk it getting ruined in my dustbin of a handbag.

    BUT. But that is Viv's stuff, which is wonderful in her way. Your stuff is also wonderful, in YOUR way. See, I look at your stuff and despair because I am rubbish with a needle, never having moved on from sewing on a button and I would love to be able to produce the work that you do.

    So get back into your studio, woman!


    10 July 2011 16:48

  2. At least your work desk looks like you are doing something. My table is completely empty because I'm feeling lazy and uninspired...I'm blaming the heat :)