Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday secrets...

my drink of choice...
Casillero del Diablo
Shiraz Rose 

if anyone can tell me how on my apple mac I add special symbols please do! 
Why?  Because I'm stoopid, that's why!

Every time I mention my special drink, it always reads rose as in floribunda, not rose as in pink tipple.

I am happy to announce that my special migraine-free wine of choice is the above mentioned 'anytime, anywhere' aperitif.

Today in the F.T. Weekend Magazine
Summer Food Special
 at long last my love of the pink stuff has been recognised.

So I'm not naff after all!
That's a blow, cos I was enjoying my naffness.

'The growth in popularity of pink wines has been one of the few success stories for wine retailers in the UK recently'  especially in the Kent region (that last bit's a lie!)
says Janis Robinson.
Now I've always considered myself a trend-setter, ahead of the pack and all that.  I don't mind admitting at times it did get a bit hairy saying 
'Rose for me please' 
Folk of my generation had images of bedside lamps and all that jazz.  You'll only know what I'm on about if you're of a particular vintage.


My other vice...
don't get too excited...

these little beauties.
Yes, I'm an unashamed Tomatoholic.

Wonder if both being red has some bearing on anything?

I used to be a champagne socialist...
not so sure now!

Dinner parties I read today in the papers are old hat, together with napkins.
Which is another vice of mine.
I do love a nice napkin...
No, not the sort you put on a babies bum, the tuck it in your cleavage sort.
And another thing...
perish the thought!
Beautifully laundered linen or cotton.
Apparently kitchen towel is the serviette of choice the F.T. article informs one!

What ever you do...
Never say serviette, nor yet own up to the liking of tomatoes.
You forever mark yourself as COMMON that's why.

In these days of status that would never do, would it?



  1. Oh dear, I think I've always been a bit common!!
    I put it down to my Mum putting gin in my bottle to make me sleep, when I was a baby!!
    Hope you have a nice weekend, enjoy your tipple xx

  2. I guess I'm common as muck then...I like a nice glass of Rose and tomato sarnies...but not together :)

  3. Let's be common together girls, far more interesting what! LLX

  4. I know you're worried about losing your naffness, but surely you can find something else that will be equally naff (before that too becomes trendy!). Your tomatoes look delicious - the one in the centre of the photo is so pretty too.

    I too am a user of napkins whenever I can, much to the rest of my family's amusement (you'd think they'd have got over that after 16+ years, wouldn't you?!), but usually get presented with a square of rotten old Morrisons economy kitchen towel. Lovely.


  5. Common? - never! Naff? - well.....not a bit...quirky maybe, but you wouldn't be you without your quirkiness!

    Rosé (I cut and pasted the Rosé, by the way)
    was chosen from Chapel Down Vinyards, Tenterden as THE wine served at the Royal Wedding no less.

    "Fizz from Sussex is often seen on the banquet tables at Buckingham Palace; Kate and William had wine from Chapel Down in Kent."
    Source -
    Perhaps that was what Janis was referring to?

    And I love tomatoes - didn't know they were naff!

  6. Think I'm going to have to get me some of this Pink stuff. It sounds delic.
    As for napkins, serviettes etc...I too have a love of a good napkin. Don't mind a pretty paper one too, but never, no never, kitchen towel...nasty, ugh, horrid.