Sunday, 27 March 2011

Who will buy my sweet red heart?

My Sunday was going so well...
walking the dog, weeding (alright I know that's sad!) chilling with a glass of wine and the Sunday papers, UNTIL..... DRUM ROLL...
Hubs drew my attention to this article in the Sunday Times...

I have been on the donor register for as long as I  can remember and 
in true me tradition have said 

"Take every last bit of bone, flab and gristle."  

If it helps my fellow man then I'm content my life hasn't been in vein!?!

I don't think I'm being mean spirited by feeling incensed by this article.  Or am I?
I thought I was being altruistic. 

Hang on a mo, suddenly my bits are worth something in this world of me, me, ME GREED.  And this ME, aint happy.

What do I do?

I know what I want to do.

Tell them to go stuff their organs right up where the sun don't shine.

What do you think?

Help me!

"So I could see it at my leisure
Whenever things go wrong
And I would keep it as a treasure
To last my whole life long




  1. I have 4 stone of extra body weight to sell if anyone wants it! xx

  2. is that true?....thats so not sure now if i want to stay on the donor register.....will have a look on line to try and find some more info.... whats going on

  3. You know, somehow I'm not surprised...I live just outside Stafford ...Stafford Hospital, the worst in the country!!!
    To think people are dying for the want of livers, that have actually been donated to the NHS. Absolutely sickening. At a loss too, at what to do.

  4. Thanks for your comments girls.

    I've just phoned and come off the register. It doesn't make me feel good but what else can I do? I did tell them for why and a very nice guy took all the details. In the end I felt sorry for him at well as for me. I just wish I didn't CARE about stuff and then life could gently pass me by.



  5. Well, yes, it makes you think. Every bit of me is for donation and still will be. As you know, my younger sister gave her living kidney to our other sister who may well be on dialysis, or worse, by now. A donated kidney would also have saved her.
    Our 'best man's' wife would almost certainly be dead now if she had not received a donated kidney and bowel recently, after years of dialysis and 3 months in intensive care.
    If everyone thought of withdrawing from the Donation scheme many will die in need of a replacement organ. Please think again - is there no way of stipulating that your organs be used on British NHS patients only?

  6. Good thought Debs! I will most definitely find out.

    What really gets me is that at the end of the day with so many things money is at the bottom of it. And as the guy on the phone said you can always change your mind. Not sure you can stipulate who gets your organs, if you could, my mind would be full of who to choose!?! LLX