Friday, 25 March 2011

The one question everyone asked me was...

What's Loyd Grossman really like?

He is a lovely guy, very knowledgable about food and a genuinely good egg.

So many people came up to me after my talk and said 
'We love the programme, don't like Loyd though!'
I always used to say in television you only get on, if you're universally liked or loathed.    
I'll leave you to decide which category he fitted into?
Probably the mid Atlantic drawl irritated and made viewers wish he was exactly there!
Take it from me - One of life's cheeky chappies.


Meanwhile back at home on my little red fergie

scraping the aforementioned brown stuff.  
I got to thinking...
"Wow I've done it!  I've actually been chosen!"

From a luke-warm starting position I really wanted to WIN.
My time doing mindless tasks around the farm gave me ample opportunity to mull over recipes.  Test drive them on friends and generally lose myself from the daily grind.

The biggest shock in the sheaf of instructions was, that this series of programmes watched over the course of thirteen weeks, is actually filmed in TWO weeks.  One programme in the morning and one in the afternoon.  And for this reason beforehand you must submit all rounds' menus, in the unlikely event (in my case I thought!) that you get through to the final.
British food with an interesting twist, no faffing, just good ingredients prepared and cooked with love.
The wheels turned, my mind whirled, the shit swirled and all was well down on the farm.


  1. I must admit Loyd always got right on my nerves, good to know he was a good guy! And well done you, that's what food should be really, made with love....thanks for your comment, it's been a really flippin weird week, sometimes life's like a hollywood movie, would love to tell you but not sure cyber space is ready for my dirty washing!! Will all sort out in the end, as things always tend to, one way or the other, least i'll have something to tell the Grand kids!,,,, but thanks xx

  2. My best ever pal Lindsay always says "What will be, will be!" Hang on to that. Life has a funny way of working out for the best in the long run. I've had some interesting times - good and grot. It's got me wehere I am now - A happy place. Be of good cheer dear heart. all love, LinX

  3. I'm so pleased to read that Loyd is a good 'un. I always liked him on that there programme.
    Never realised it was filmed on such a small time scale though, the crew must have been fit to bust after those 2 weeks of filming and tasting.
    Lisa x