Saturday, 19 March 2011

At last I've got my finger out...

When the weather is glorious, the temptation is to dig the veg plot.
Trouble with that is, my hands get rough, which doesn't bode well for hand sewing.
This morning I was up at 6 ish. The house was quiet so I silently sewed.  

These badges are the fruits of my labour for 

I've sharpened my elbows ready for a skirmish up at our local jumble sale.
Bag lady rides again - better be off.

More on Masterchef soon - cliff-hanger or wot? 


  1. They are so pretty.
    Did you get any bargains at the jumble?
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Lisa, yes I got a tatty old sewing box, that Hubs is already renovating, a cute rough little table AND a coat made of canvas that was lined with what seemed like 26 sheepskins. It weighed a blooming ton. Staggering home with bags full of booty I decided to don the coat for ease of transportation. I felt and looked like King Kong. Looking on the bright side I probably lost a good few pounds tottering down the hill. LLX

  3. Maybe I should try and find one to wear to my Zumba class????
    L x