Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A titbit for Maggie...

As finalists we were asked to demonstrate at the Good Food show.  I demonstrated my recipes of this and pepper pizza.  I used the peppers as mini pizza cases filling them with all the usual pizza type toppings.  My culinary dreams on the little red Fergie weren't in vein!

After our demo's Martha and I chummed up to trawl the stalls.  At each stand she would produce her card and we would be offered the very best of fare.  Champagne, a mixed and varied array of tasty delights, the like of which the hoi polloi never got to see.
By the end off the day I said to Martha
"I don't know how you do it?"
I knew some magic was being worked but couldn't work out what!
"My husband always says you must have everything in life!"
Through my muzzy champagne filled brain I thought -that sounds good to me!

She suggested I meet the rest of the family over dinner that evening.  Unfortunately I had made other arrangements so declined her offer.  Little did I know then, I would have been in a den of thieves.

To be continued much further along in the story of my time on Masterchef.


  1. ooooh,,, can't wait for the next installment!!!
    x Sophie

  2. ...and then, and then. Come on LL.....