Monday, 28 March 2011

The old girl's chilled today because...

 look what our lovely postie Mike delivered today...

isn't it just beautiful?
Not sure I want to tell you where I got it from because,
I'm an only child and I definitely DON'T DO SHARING!
However on this one occasion I will, it was from Julie from the Cloth Shed.
All my grumps from yesterday just dissolved when I opened the parcel.
Retail therapy is the panacea to all ills I find!


After we got back from walking the dog at sparrow-fart.  I decided to tidy the studio,and this time carried it through.  I'd indulged myself yesterday by tackling the veg plot, so I had run out of feeble excuses.
What a lovely time I've had; I've found lots more bumpf on Masterchef so more instalments will be along shortly.  I've just re-read that sentence and decided I sound a real boring old lass.  Anyway I have to keep reminding myself I'm doing this for me.  In the attic last week you wouldn't believe the diaries I've got going back to the year dot.  Which reminds me I will one day tell you the story of wee Dot in the Highlands who I met doing the census in 1981.  She was the Highland's answer to Nell Gwyn, only she wasn't selling oranges, nor yet tangerines, more like prunes.  Anyway I've gone off at a tangent.

This is my Monday make:-
Alright I know it's not on a par with my crafting idol - Viv @ hens teeth 
but hey-ho a cat can look at a king or queen in this case.


  1. I l o v e what you have made! Is there a special significance?
    I also l o v e your retail therapy piece...totally gorgeous.
    As for the 'crafting queen'....get out of here. x

  2. Your new purchase is just lovely, I wonder how long it took to stitch?
    And your latest make is fab too. What made you choose the bits you did?
    Lisa x

  3. I'm having a paddy now , because I want that embroidery!

  4. No, no special reason - just because!

    Why did I choose the bits I did? I bought the book at our local church sale and just adored the cover. The Noddy badge I bought at our village fete last summer, and the two seemed from the same era and destined be together. Other bits - I dunno! Debs if you need a masterclass just let me know. Thanks for the comments my bosom, blogging buddies. LLX