Friday, 4 April 2014

With every cotton-picking...

fibre of my body...
I want it to work.
These days I couldn't even
pick cotton if I tried.

What is she on about this time?
My thumb.

I got to thinking as I rubbed
cream in...
Will it work?

I got to thinking as I gently poured three
powders under my tongue...
Will it work?

I got to thinking as twice
a day I sit like an inscrutable
Buddha while the tablets
'The Combination'
sit quietly dissolving on my tongue...
Will it work?

Idly I think at least the name
is apt, as these days I struggle to
even get my combinations pulled up.

I suppose in order for these potions to have any 
hope of working I need to believe.
And that's the rub...
I want to, I really, really do.
Call me a cynic and oh how right
you'd be, as past posts might give hint?

The pad of my right thumb is permanently
swollen and sore.
Even my doctor said
'Oh yes I've got arthritis in my finger and
don't worry the pain comes and goes!'

Er... mine doesn't, it is a constant
in my life.  Increasingly every thing I do
gives me a huge slug of misery.

I don't do drugs.

A friend said

'Take pain killers!'

'I don't do drugs!'

'Well, it obviously isn't that painful then!'

Dumbfounded my mouth opened and closed
a time or two... a goldfish would be proud.
I got to thinking...
Perhaps she's right!
But hang on, I know I've got a high-pain threshold.
  Perhaps it's the badness of me being such
 a contrary madam...
I deserve it?


  1. How difficult to live with constant pain of any degree. I will say that I have thumb issues from time to time, but not very often. The most vexing part is that when it's acting up, it's difficult to extract both credit cards and paper money from my wallet.
    Must be the shopping gods' idea of humor.

    1. Credit cards and paper money? What you ambidextrous Marty? My chuckles took my mind off my thumb albeit briefly.