Sunday, 27 April 2014

Am I too old to...

wear brown
nobody of any age should ever wear brown

grow my hair long
from Technical School onwards I've always wanted
straight hair.  With age it seems my wish is being realised.
Trouble is it has come forty years too late.
I'm growing my hair in order to look like Marge Simpson...
blue rinse here we come

have a Brazilian
hold on...
nature is doing it for me...
bucking the trend and travelling North onto my chin

wear pillar box red lipstick
never have, never will...
reason... too thin lips
only thin thing about me...
apart from my ear canals

totter on 5" heels
with duck-wide feet,
not a good look

break dance
No!  For fear of...
yes, you've guessed it,
breaking something

 worry about being outspoken
Too flaming late

buy just one last tapestry cushion kit
knowing that every stitch will be agony with
my poorly thumb

wear jeans
Not with my size of Ireland derriere

worry about world affairs
too late I already do and always have

care when a friend sent back a customised
jacket I'd made for her with love in every stitch
It's off to a car boot on Bank holiday Monday

own up to slipper-quiet wind
Just have...
so I know the answer to that one

be seduced by Facebook and Twitter
Yes, thankfully!

Write a blog?


  1. Ha! Ha! Sorry to say I can identify with too many of these!

    1. Can't we all darling girl, at least we can see the funny side.


  2. My vote goes for the Marge Simpson look. I think it's a fabulous idea.

    1. I know as you get older the ideal is to cut your hair short, however... I'm bucking the trend. Cornrow braids next?


  3. Look at Marge, what a girl. Still you have to consider those looks attracted Homer and now she's stuck with him. I can't wear red lipstick either, lips too thin too, annoying isn't it? Sorry your friend sent that jacket back, I would be crushed and furious in equal amounts.

    Jean x

    1. 'Crushed and furious' just abut sums it up... and all for a man's (hers) misunderstanding. The letter that accompanied it was a shocker. A thirty year friendship just dissed! I picked myself up and dusted myself down (just!); it didn't help it was hard on the heels of Lettice dying.

      As you can probably tell from my blog posts... I'm feeling a lot more chipper, irreverent as always...


  4. Your post made me laugh out loud. i can identify with at least one of them.
    Jacqui x

    1. Oooh... wonder which one? Glad it made you laugh anyway! There's no better fix than laughter.


  5. As usual, I'm guilty of the most sins, temptations and weaknesses listed above - and enjoying it. The saving grace should be that age gives us the wisdom to say, "What the Hell!", but that hurtful act by a so-called friend would have finished me off...

    1. Although I huff and puff about getting old. Deep down... I don't really give a stuff, I don't really give a stuff, I don't really give a stuff... if I say it often enough and not look in the mirror, perhaps, just perhaps I might start believing it.


  6. Replies
    1. You... Julie? Never! It is such not a good look. But wait... I did once have a brown eyed handsome boyfriend that wore brown corduroy trousers, I'd forgotten that...