Saturday, 26 April 2014

Things that SERIOUSLY...

hack me off.

Bear with me...
the list will be long.
It's taken me years to get
this GRUMPY!

Top of the list
has to be politicians.
I really resent now,
not believing a word any of them say.
There are honest ones of that I'm sure.
Trouble is my trust has gone.
I resent that my innocence has been shafted

Is it the prickles that have become ever more
cavalier as they march 
with attitude across my chops?
With every pluck I get seriously plucked oft!

Mount Everest and the twerps
that want to climb it.
There is a brilliant piece by Giles Coren
in today's Times which accurately and so much better
reflects my view.  If only I could write as well.
And he didn't even touch on the rubbish left there
which with every bone, sinew, skin, flab and
very bristly chin... I abhor!

Bloggers that use


centre their prose

and generally have scant regard for
grammar and spelling

Oh, and not forgetting using
BOLD and italics

Only having 52 followers

Dodgy folk who comment
with links to their weird blogs
How do you get shot of them?
I've barred anonymous...
What next?
Perhaps it's me?
Do they think she's a daft tart, she won't care?
Well I do care

Being fat and getting fatter

People steaming up behind you
when in a 30 mile per hour zone, you are the one
adhering to the law.  Yes it does seem slow, I'd
be the first to admit it.  However what gets me going
even more, is the evidence of children in their car.
Don't they know that kids can so easily be killed 
at the speeds they want to drive at?
Added to which it is odds on they're
on the flaming phone.

Snobbery in all its forms...
Looking in folks supermarket trolleys
and instantly categorising them
Looking at the books people read...
'Guilty as charged me lord!'

People that say 
when you say you are becoming
increasingly deaf

now they're not content with
drilling down they now want to drill
I really, really want to drill...
right up their *****

Not remembering when or not, to use the apostrophe.
Surely there must be a saying I can learn?

Trying to comment on a blog
and google asking you to provide
your mobile number...
'On your bike google!'
don't you know enough about us already?

The government trying to flog off all our details
health records, tax returns driving details...
is nothing sacred?

I've only gone and got my knickers in such
a twist I'm not even sure I'm going to
post this...

Oh go on then, you've persuaded me...


Those that fire of a blog without checking their spelling and punctuation...
no names, no pack drill!



  1. I am guilty of all the bloggy sins... especially guilty of scattering punctuation marks around like confetti and hoping for the best... darn it, I can't get bold or italics to work on a comment... here.... have lots of dots instead!!!!
    I am also guilty of looking in other people's shopping baskets, sniffing at all the ready meals and clats which they buy. Then I realise I'm not doing my own shopping. My basket contains extra large granny knickers and uber absorbent dribble pads for my 92 year old aunt. That'll learn me!
    OH, and by the way - 52 followers sounds pretty healthy to me, you show-off.
    Linda, long may you continue to blog. I know of only one other writer who makes me laugh as much. I'll give him your love.x

    1. I wish you would Elaine, I've been meaning to ask, but didn't want to scare him thinking he'd got an ageing cyber stalker.


  2. I'm guilty too...AND I DON'T CARE! Also, I've decided to embrace my inner fury. There are many things in the world that infuriate me, so I let now rip and rant for all I'm worth. There are also one or two people in my circle of "friends" (NOT bloggers, I hasten to add) who are really horrid and I've decided to be much less tolerant of their nastiness rather than seething inside. No quarrels, of course, just haughty put-downs. I feel much better already!

    1. Part of the joys of ageing Nilly. Trouble with me is I've never been backward in coming forward. I do very often think 'I wish I hadn't said that!' I've always tried to be honest; it's not always easy though, especially if someone asks what you really think.

      Glad to know you are feeling better: be true to yourself and your principles. You can't go wrong then... Can you!?!