Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I'm in a bit of...

a tizz!
Will the role I covet be mine tonight?

In my mind's eye I see it all...
heavily corsetted, knickers in a twist
 I stand on a soap-box
and rail at the world
(bit like what I do on my blog, what!) 

Alright I know Emmeline Pankhurst does 
have lots of lines to say
and my memory isn't what it was,
however I can improvise.
I'm not known as 
for nawt you know!


  1. Just checking back to see if you got the part you wanted Linda?

  2. Oh dear me... NO! You've heard of ham actors... that I'm afraid is me Carol.

    A heckler in the crowd... "oh woe is me, type-cast again!' at least I won't need to method act as it is already firmly planted in my DNA.