Thursday, 3 April 2014

Last night I dreamt of Nigel...

Farage... don't you know!

Am I losing my mind?

Readers of my blog will know
that Nigel and I have previous...
No, NO... not of that kind.

Many moons ago when Simon was alive
we lived on Hosey, close to Nigel's father.

One thing led to another re. our growing
disenchantment with Europe
and he came round for a drink.
Early days of UKIP,
we even voted for them.
Us... Simon a true blue Tory
and me a staunch Socialist.
'Happy' heady days of deep and meaningfuls 
over the kitchen table...
talking politics... silly!

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week...
Ted and I were returning from seeing the
Cheapside Hoard.
Hoving to on the London Bridge platform
was none other than Nigel.
We chatted, reminisced and with us wishing him well,
 went our separate ways.

Last night we watched the debate
with Nick Clegg.

Is it any wonder he figured in my dreams?

For a girl that voted No to joining the 
Common Market 40 years ago.

A woman now seriously on the cusp
of not voting.

Labour... not after B'liar
doing just that and 
taking us into an illegal war.
Is the world a better place... I ask you?

Tory... NEVER.

Liberal Democrats... after last night's
Putin jibes and the f word used too
many times to count...
Nick Clegg, in my book didn't do himself
or his party any favours.

I think we should all vote
in my opinion
we don't live in a democracy.
We mistakenly think that
the politicians we vote for 
will address our concerns.
On arrival at this wonderful club called
The 'Fill Your Boots' House of Parliament.
The Whips then cry...
'I only told you to vote the way your
 party tells you!'

'Forget about the voters.  Well until
close to the next election, 
then you can once again promise them the earth!
We'll even train you as to the finer points of
not answering the questions and an intensive
course of telling stonking great fibs!'

Don't get me wrong I'm
going to vote...
however now Lord Sutch is no more.

What's a girl to do?


Lunchtime News

The politician who said 'Hug a Hoodie!'
PM David Cameron.
Today he said 'Maria Miller is doing an excellent job as culture secretary and will continue to do that!' as he put his arm around her.

The Standards Committee should be called the The Double Standards Committee.

I rest my case!


  1. Even I - devoted voter and Socialist (why is that a dirty word now?) don't know who to vote for this time. Help!

  2. Thank you Nilly for putting your head above the parapet. I thought the deafening silence from my followers, was due to a huge dose of huffiness because I dared to use the N word. He certainly has stirred up the main parties. Their complacency and bald faced cheek especially with the expenses scandal reigniting just beggers belief.