Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer garden...

on the 30th May 2013...
A grumpy gardener records the parlous state

come through the garden gate

on the right by the olive tree is the front door 

up the steps to the newly Autumn sown
Emorgate Seeds wildflower 'meadow'
can you spy the ScareCrow?

 potager left to do its thing,
cutting flowers are my plan; although 
I love the thuggery of wildflowers.
I always bow to their superior knowledge

 the work of baby blackbirds...
helping me weed!

 the pond, in my impatience
we didn't dig deep enough.
The mushroom bought at Scotney;
gnome-like I sit pond-side,
watching the tadpoles grow

 raised beds with red onions
and garlic, Romanesco and black beans

 little Tommy, the sole surviving tumbling tiger
flanked by his big butch brothers...
the Black Russians
I've got my doubts any of them will
catch up?

 'White' Wisteria bought by me
from B & Q
(that'll teach me!)

 rhubarb in a water tank,
the last raised bed waiting for its
precious cargo of
gourmet sprouts coming in June

 the oil tank, I wanted anywhere but here.
'Stop! This is where I want it!'.'
'Okay, I'll have it there ☜☟✌!'
'No can do!  I'll tell you where you can have it.'
'Here, out of the way?'
Oh how I wanted to tell him where to put it ☝!
'Health and Safety!' he suavely shrugged.
With poo-shoes look, I graciously agreed.
Lady Docker would have been proud

 more evidence of baby bird gardening

  directors chair...
from which I usually orchestrate
my potager... feet up and wine in hand

 shambolic greenhouse...
all forlorn

 the wildflower meadow, unevenly sown

 the site of the hammock,
no sign of it anytime soon

 the table, where every morning I diligently
clean the birds' water bowls

and back to the garden gate.
'Come again soon and
next time stop for tea!'


  1. Thank you for a lovely stroll through your garden LL :)

    1. As you've probably guessed already Carol, I'm a roughty-toughty type of a 'girl'!


  2. You have a lovely garden, thank you for sharing. Love Jill xx

    1. When the poppies appear it all looks a blaze of colour, then all too fast it fades... bit like me really!


  3. Hallo you,

    How long did it take for your white! Wisteria to flower? I'm wondering if we have enough time before shuffling off our mortals to justify planting one

  4. Hallo you too,

    Thanks for stopping by. I think it has only been five years, give or take. It's all in the pruning, as you probably know. The year before last, we had just a couple of blooms, last year a few more and this year, hey presto... a result.

    My suggestion is to buy from a reputable garden centre, unless of course you like to live dangerously and take pot-luck!

    Happy days.


  5. Linda what a beautiful garden you have created, just my cup of tea, I would love to saunter around with you and then sit and have a glass of wine. I love all the little different areas you have created. Thanks for sharing your home, I can have a picture of your pottering around in your ancient slippers! Jayne x

    1. It looks set for sun today, so a little light weeding will be the order of the day.

      The snob said 'Do NOT go out into the garden in your slippers!' For once I may even do as I'm told? Worrying innit?


  6. My kind of garden! My neighbour asked me today how I deal with the slug problem - I said, "I never plant anything they like to eat."

    1. What a good ploy Nilly. Even yesterday I tied a bandage, yes, I kid you not, around a sunflower that the slugs had decided to attack. The stem was half eaten through, its head was bowed fit to break. Carefully I applied the dressing, together with eco washing up liquid as a deterrent; this morning I was proud to see my ministrations had worked their magic. Not convinced as it grows it will be able to hold up though? Slugs I hate more than cats. Well to be honest I don't hate cats, I just don't like what they do to the birds and my garden.

      You at Ardingly next week?


  7. I love your garden, especially the gravelly bit as you come through the gate, and your wild flower meadow. My front garden is full of wild flowers (weeds) but it just seems to receive scornful looks from pedestrians as they walk past. Shame....I think some of the flowers are very pretty.