Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Memories of Masterchef...

21 years on.

Me in the final... 1992

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking...
well I was over two decades younger.

Last night watching the programme and seeing the passion that the finalists
have for cooking and food, made me realise just how casual I was.
I breezed into the studio thinking, if I make a total cock-up 
it isn't the end of the world.

It makes me smile, when I see what then, were cutting edge ingredients.
They are now positively common place, i.e.
Lavender... I made a Lemon and Lavender sorbet in the semi-final.
Cardamon... I made Cardamon custard in the first round.
Bubble Squeak... I served Bubble and Squeak parcels with my oxtail.
Smears of vegetable puree... With my pheasant pie in the second round,
I served creamed butter beans and broccoli puree.  No smudges on my plates,
dollops more like! 

I didn't win; however my life took off.
Appearances on daytime television, a vegetarian cookery book,
hundreds of talks and loads of local radio work.
Cooking on the radio... just up my street!
So many tales, so many funny stories.

The first round with Jocelyn Dimbleby and Loyd Grossman

My motto is...
Life is good, if you give it some welly!


  1. Too true. Effort , imagination and creativity, oh and welly :)
    Jean x

    1. Welly... Now that's an ingredient you won't be seeing anytime soon on Masterchef!


  2. It's worked for me too, but I don't think everyone is lucky enough to be made the same way.
    Hey, did I read the words "vegetarian cookery book"? Tell me the name quick - can I buy one on Amazon or Abe books?

    1. I'll send you a copy Nilly, I've got a few left over from my talk days... Signed by the author and all that ole toffee!


  3. You were quite simply ahead of your time Linda. Lovely memories to ponder.

    1. Too laissez-faire by half Jayne! If I'd had a fraction of the passion of today's contestants I might even have won!