Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cats kept away as...

the kids played.

A new role was found for our
Ministry approved cat deterrent.

The summer paid us a fleeting call yesterday.
In the sun, Charlie and Hope
discovered a new role for... 

Shucked out of clothes like peas from a pod,
they nonchalantly strolled past the
evil, on the look out for cats, eye.
The tech-whizz that is ScareCrow
randomly lets off hard spraying spouts of water.
There is an eight second pause then, move a muscle and it
peppers you with the power of a pressure-washer on speed.

Ted, Poppy (me) Aaron and Claire
look on from the safety of a glass of something
alcoholic.  We prefer our water served in gentler ways
with ice and a slice, middle cut, no pips.

Family from York are here.

Today... rain, fire lit, games played...



  1. love your new look blog Linda. Glad to hear the scarecrow coming in useful! Enjoy your family time, lovely weather too. Jayne x

    1. Yes, we had a super time, you've got all this to look forward to Jayne. Rain's back with a revenge now though! Are we ever going to have warm summer sun on our bod's I idly wonder wrapped in layers of Damart and winceyette. Mink knickers no longer hold me in thrall!


  2. Perhaps Earl J.Gray needs to get himself a ScareCrow to scare off his friendly neighbourhood fox. Can you buy ScareCrows that pump out mustard gas or bullets instead of a water spray?

    1. John Gray doesn't talk to me; he probably thinks I'm anti-cats, which I'm not. I just hate what they do to the birds, and them kindly taking it upon themselves to manure my veg plot. Harvesting cat crap aint no fun I can tell you!

      Honestly though, I wonder whether it would work on foxes? Trouble is, the hens might set it off, although you can adjust to size of prey: added to which Mr Reynard is a wily operator and would soon circumnavigate the system.


  3. That ScareCrow device is amazing - but tell me, do your neighbours hate you for scaring their pets? (This is on MY mind at the moment.)

  4. We're so tucked out of the way... Ssshh... no one knows! Added to which cats, aren't going to put themselves knowingly in the parting-fur department. No puss has passed by for weeks, they've gone to pastures new. A gentle deterrent, no cats were harmed in the making of this cat-free garden, just a little dignity dented.