Sunday, 26 May 2013

Casing the joint we went in for...

a beer.
The restaurant opposite our hotel in Chiang Mai
was very upmarket, family run.
The place was full of oriental antiquey
Full of locals enjoying the food.

When away, Ted and I always eat the local food.
Little caf├ęs,
 street food and at the stalls in
shopping malls.

The dish everyone seemed to be eating in the restaurant,
 was little meat patties.
Although we always get the language basics,
we don't get so far as to enquire as to the provenance
of the food.
We tried one portion with our beer,
they were delicious.
We had a few lovely meals there,
all with the starter of these little savoury meat cakes.

In a cab, in traffic, a chap pulled along side, 
 on the back of his moped he had a cage
full of very distressed poodle-type dogs.
I looked away with the horrible thought of
the ingredient of the tasty patties.


We were lucky enough to be there during the
Festival of Lights 

We don't holiday now, due to Lettice.
Our holiday money is spent on Miss Tena bed pads
for our elderly lady (no, not me)...

Lettice on her Miss Tena triple-protected
Thai triangle day bed bought in Chiang Mai

A dramatic irony?

This recollection came about due to the question posed by 
Yorkshire Pudding about Palau.
If you haven't found his blog you must go there now!


  1. Different world, different psyche. ...

    We humans put bits of animal into everything from cars to wine to medicines and toys. I despair. Somewhere out in space beyond our current reach is a big flashing neon warning sign that reads "Avoid the third planet - they have a long, long way to go yet before they are worth visiting."

  2. I looked... I can't bear it. Our local hospice have cocked up their standing orders, I've worked there as a volunteer, leaving because the management skills were questionable. The volunteers the bedrock you'd think; were treated like poo on a shoe. When the letter came through I thought now's a good time to re-allocate my few pounds. Thanks for the link.

    Before anyone thinks I'm an animal nut, you'd be right I am. I do also give to my fellow humans, who through no fault of their own are in need.

    In Chaing Mia, a resourceful trader had set up a stall with young puppies. The sign said 'Help feed these puppies, their mother has died!' Soft-hearted folk might be taken in... me been around to long thought... 'For the pot!'

    Ian, I agree the world has gone mad, the trouble is, am I part of the madness or part of the solution?