Friday, 17 May 2013

I had a fluffy dice moment...

yesterday, it came and bit me on the bum.

I have a thing about naffness...
It's like this; I honestly can't make my mind up
as to when an article slips from naff to art?
Are the fluffy dice in my Scratch Black Smart, together
with my 'Smarty pants' sticker bought for me by wicked 
step-daughter Belinda, my bĂȘte noire or
just the icing on the cake? 
I dunno!

Yesterday saw me stroppily frog-marching around the 
The Decorative Living Fair at Eridge Park.
How I stopped myself from kicking
some of the pretentious bankers' wives that
tend to frequent these events I'll never know.

'It wos me biker boots me 'onour, not me.
Wenever I wear 'em I get the desire to give 
folk a good kicking!' 

'Guilty, as charged, send her down!'

Driving there, I made myself a solemn promise
I will not buy another one of these...

Claire, my daughter-in-law always
groans when she sees my men work at work sign
saying 'It's the sort of thing we did at Uni, how awful!'
As good a reason as any to keep it, I say!

On arrival at the fair, where was the first stand I went to?

Yes, you guessed it right...
and what did I buy?
One of these...

Bird on one end and ball on the other.
Because the stone sphere is obviously a lot heavier,
it isn't evenly balanced, which I liked... PLUS
it is different from  the one I've got.
I had to buy it didn't I?
Obvious innit?

It has pride of place in the little
courtyard part of my garden.

I love my roughty-toughty horticultural piece of heaven,
 where in my 'potager'
(too much hobnobbing with the toffs!)
I let the wildflowers scramble through the veg.
"Uniformity is a fine thing!'...
has no place in my garden.

A couple of weeks ago in the Scotney Castle shop I bought
 a toadstool made out of the trunk of a tree.
On telling a gardener and a garden guide, 
they both staggered back in shock horror.
Inwardly smiling, I stopped myself from adding
'I will sit my fishing garden gnome on the top!' (fib, haven't got one.)

Yesterday I was at the fair to support my lovely friend
Viv of Hensteeth
Check her out, her work is truly lovely.

I bought this super French beaded

I just have to wait now for the
'No Nails' knob to go off,
then I'll hang it on the wall!


  1. I have five garden gnomes in a grey cementy colour. People buy them for me. I have no idea why. I am also now the owner of a very large Buddha head thingy and a pug statue....????

    1. A better class of garden gnome, plus the Buddha head thingy sounds very atmospheric. Not sure about the pug though?


  2. I love your "Men at Work" sign. Our youngest used to collect such signs. My fave is says "BEWARE FRAGILE POOF"(he scratched one leg off the R of ROOF!)

    1. My first acquisition was a road sign... Crook Log, which I carefully carried home on the bus back in the sixties. Where it finished up, who knows, back in Crook Log, where it belonged I hope?