Thursday, 11 April 2013

The air of mystery...

the sights, the aroma of the kasbah
were somewhat spoilt by the
man in a flat cap.

Herbert Smith...
from Keighley with pockets full
of dried peas.

They travelled the world the man
and his peas.

From Mona Lisa in Paris
to Monte Carlo or Bust.

Pea-filled pockets rattling,
Monique in Paris was heard to say

'Ello 'Erbert izz zhat a gun in your pockett?'

In broad Yorkshire accent he replied 
'Nay lass it's me peas!' 

A late developing lothario he cruised the world.

Tanned and fit he returned to us...
he was my Grandad and I loved him.



  1. Why the pocket full of dried peas?

  2. Well it's obvious innit... he used to chew them... early tic-tacs. And blooming awful they tasted too!
    This grandfather insisted on a rice pudding every day, my poor mum. He was so lovely, and he is the one that made me promise not to smoke and I never have, thanks to that solemn promise.

    'But granddad you smoke!'

    'I know but I want to be sure you never do!'


  3. What a lovely heartwarming story! Strange how some things stick with you all of your life - my father told me the same thing, and I never did. I love the photo of him in the Kasbah! x

  4. Yes, it is good, although my father who took the photo wasn't very impressed on seeing him spoiling the kasbah atmospherics, when the holiday snaps came back from Timothy Whites! We've laughed so much about it since though.


  5. Fantastic photo!
    Eeeeeh - Keighley. What memories!
    Me ex's family 'ad one o' them Brass Castles there.

  6. What the heck's a Brass Castle Nilly?