Friday, 12 April 2013

Old age apathy has me...

by the goiter.
I can't believe I've let the passing of
Maggie Thatcher pass me by with ne'er a rant.

Insouciance stalks my every step...
Is this the beginning of the end?
I've tried, oh how I've tried to mine the seam
of discontent.
My views on her were strident; I could
have handbagged her from a thousand yards.
Now with my Spec-Savers soft-focus lens something's changed;
  I wouldn't mind but I don't even wear blooming glasses.
Bloody worrying I don't mind admitting.

Just wish today's politicians had her balls.

My days of revolting are over; even my stropping around outside the Chilcot
inquiry when 'Bliar' appeared, seem a dim and distant memory.

What to do now, as I wait to die?

Join the W.I. I suppose.


  1. Very, very clever. We certainly had some strong personalities for politicians in the past, not like the wishy washy excuses we have today. Loved her or loathed her at least people had an opinion about her.

  2. Brilliant in her own right, no matter if we thought her right or wrong, she had the confidence to stand by her convictions.

  3. where has The Eye gone?
    kiwi will never be the same again. . .

    1. It's gone in to have laser treatment.


  4. She was a vile baggage and has no doubt already begun to privatise Hell. It's so sad that any man or woman with a complete trouser-set can so completely rise above the lily-livered wusses we've "enjoyed" in politics in past decades. I suspect that once they get to know her the inhabitants of Hell may well send her back to Earth ...

  5. Hear! Hear! Owlie.
    My ranting will never cease.

  6. I'm sending in Mr OW's Really Rather Polite Super Heros to sort out this mess. Let's just keep our fingers crossed none of them are women, because Mrs T. set our cause back thousands of years.

    Her last words? 'We are a goner!'