Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just like jewels in jelly...


Every bone and sinew in my spoilt only-child bod. screams out

'Don't tell LL!'

However I feel I must share with you my most wonderful ebay friend...

Over many years I have bought the most wonderous things from Jean.
A huge carpet bag, rag rugs, my wonderful HUGE Royal Ontario Museum velvet curtain, lamp shades, material to covert and coo over. The list just goes on.

Until now I've been horribly and unashamedly keeping her to myself!  However after receiving this most adorable Victorian patchwork bedspread in the post this week, I feel the time has come to grow up and share her with you.

She is on my favourites list and if its material and interesting bits you're after I suggest you do the same! 



  1. That is such a BEAUTIFUL bedspread, Linda. I would have definitely fought you for this, and it wouldn't have been a pretty fight!

    Thank you for sharing this ebayer, but you should now be prepared to do battle!


  2. Hi Jo, don't you think that is just the reason why I've kept schtum all this time. Call me a spoilt brat I don't care... reason being deep in my psyche I know I BLOOMING am! LLX

  3. Is that gorgeous or what? I want one. Now. mxxxx

  4. In real life Maggie it is EVEN better than it looks in the photograph! Trouble now is, what to do with it? My plans can't be too roughty-toughty, because like me, in some places it is frail and worn and has seen better days. For now just owning it is enough. LLX

  5. Oh for heaven's sake LL - just cuddle it. Leave plans for another time. Enjoy it. mxxx

  6. Let me at it........ Soooooo lovely, thanks for sharing, you will go to heaven :D,

    Sarah x