Tuesday, 15 November 2011


it is just 18 queueing days 'til

Kent's answer to Kirstie & Monica Galetti's
(I'll leave you to work out which one I am?)
Christmas Extravaganza

I'm just out of the sweat shop having made lots of 
wacky Christmas tree decorations.

Funky bunting and Marilyn bags.

Hessian and bandage are a particular favourite.

Is it any wonder I'm the kitsch one?

But wait...

first I strut my diva much corsetted bod up to the village church.

NO, not to repent my many and various.

To be part of our village church Christmas fair 

This Saturday 19 November
10am - 1pm

I shall look out for you.



  1. Won't be there this weekend, honey. DD Hope's 15th birthday celebrations (G*d give me strength!). Also, due to being very popular and in demand (!), can't do the K&S Fair in December either :o(


  2. Ohh! Blooming 'ell! I'm disappointed.
    We must catch up some time soon though.
    Wish I wos popular and in demand, instead of just jelly. LLX

  3. Good luck! I had my own booth at Christmas markets for 4 years (children's clothing) - I appreciate the love, sweat and tears that goes into each handmade piece. May there be a flurry of buying at your table!! XOL