Thursday, 24 November 2011

As my stout black lace clad legs...

clambered over the Kent peg tile roof I got to thinking...
'Is it really necessary LL to re-point the chimney?'
All you planned was to ask friends in for coffee after a delightful luncheon at Chapel Down.
Being a bit of a slut (only in the housework department you understand) I always feel the need to not only dust, but hoover as well.
Most times here nothing much moves, well occasionally I may be knocked over by tumbleweed blowing around the oak room; the make up of this, is mainly dog hair and fluff.
Don't get me wrong, I love my home, I really do.  Trouble is, when I know folk are calling in, I love the stage setting of homemaking, not the polishing bit.  I artistically arrange books (shortlisted Booker prize contenders naturally), light candles, bung copies of Mills and Boon's bodice-rippers, old Sporting Life back numbers and dog-eared Daily Males under the sofa.
On which I then Mae West recline, always within reach of a glass of bubbles.
Which neatly (or not so?) gets me to the main part of this post.
Hands up in the past I've been a frightful snob, and I ought to say here that my toppest pet hate is SNOBBERY, so I feel I am really exposing myself to ridicule.

Why?  Because until very recently I've always loathed English wines, not any more I don't.
Chapel Down in Tenterden make the most wonderful wine.  The food is lovely, the staff are superb, my sparkling wine came with the handsome waiter saying " glass of a thousand bubbles for you"



  1. Yesssss LL…….goosebumps at the very thought of a glass of Chapel

  2. Cheers Maggie, you quaffing bubbles on a plane yet? LLX

  3. Huh. We were economy Continental (great deal, let me know if you want the details) and fine except you have to beg for a glass of wine - A glass of wine. Mind you, if I'd paid a huge amount to sit up the front with the poshers I'd have been spitting. Didn't look much better. Home to a charity dinner where himself was the speaker. Managed to stay awake and declined the glass of fizz in case I toppled into the lentil soup. mxxx

  4. Chosen for the Royal Wedding reception earlier this year!

  5. Maggie, Lentil soup? A charity dinner... methinks you should have been served Bread and pull it! Glad to know you're safely home. LLX

  6. Debs, Bet their waiter wasn't as handsome as mine! LLX