Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The carpet man cometh...

Where Oh where am I going to put my 
many and various vintage treasures?

Piled ready for packing and pricing for our 

Kitsch and Stitch Fair

The Kentish Kilim killing fields...

fitted carpet? 

No more ancient oak floorboards,
where mice popped through the gaps to play croquet with tightly rolled balls of 
discarded Ferro Rocher wrappers.

Am I in danger of becoming horribly suburban?

Why all this upheaval I hear you idly wonder?

And here's the rub...

A 350 year old oak framed cottage on the top of a hill, is fine in the summer.

Call it integrated air con.

In the winter with drafts drifting down your drawers,

wind whistling and parting the ole grey hairs of your tightly permed fizz.

 Call it grim!

needs must.

Oh and by the way...

Yes, another plug.

Never one to miss a trick - me.



  1. That's funny LL. I posted a comment earlier but it's vanished. Just warning you that carpets can be dangerously time wasting things. When finally forced to carpet the wooden stairs I then found myself lying on them at any old time stroking the warm cosy wool………..

  2. You had me worried for a minute there Maggie. I thought you were going to say hoovering them; although over time, stroking them will have the same effect - they'll be bald as a badgers bum before you know it. LLX

  3. I wondered for a minute if you were being very frank when you mentioned the wind whistling down your drawers parting the hairs of your grey permed frizz - do they offer a nether region perm in the hairdressers local to you?!

    Enjoy your carpet - dirty dusty things, but lovely and cosy (and I've done the bare boards thing in a Victorian cottage - looks gorgeous but plays havoc with your chilblains!!).


  4. Well you'll never know will you Jo? Must confess I did think the same when I did a little light sub-editing. Let it hang I say and the readers will decide for themselves. LLX

  5. Stick those bloomers on and you'll be warm all winter!
    Lisa x

  6. ….those knickers could carpet the downstairs lav all by themselves.

  7. They'll keep me warm alright...with those hanging on the line, who needs a wind turbine? I'll keep toasty just thinking of the energy I'm flogging to the National Grid. LLX