Sunday, 13 November 2011

You've heard of speed dating...


as my Sunday morning nibble of choice (Wotsits) went down with the speed of 
a train on the Bakerloo line heading South for Waterloo.
I started reading one of my many 'loves' -

Jay Rayner
'The happy eater'
column in the Food Monthly.

If you haven't already, nip out and get a copy of this Sunday's Observer...
before they get gobbled up.

I nearly choked on my glass of rose
(remind me one day to post a picture of my  
empties lamp collection)

That man is a my sort of a bloke.
Must say though, on Masterchef this last week my heart missed a beat when he offered to make an honest lad of one of the contestants.  

Oh no, don't say I have to add him to my many gay loves?"

Should I now give you an idea of the main thrust of his article?
Or leave you to see for yourselves?

Well I would...
however I just have to nip downstairs and trough my luncheon.



  1. Wotsits and rose, you really are a posh bird aren't you?!

  2. Salt and vinegar crisps with a pickled egg sort of a broad - me. LLX

  3. Righto LL. That's me and you arranging a trough with Jay. And his mum was lovely which is probably why he is. mxxxx

  4. Wotsits? My DEAR. Quavers, surely?

  5. I couldn't agree more... Claire was a delight. At her memorial
    'Now with Wings' concert, one of the guests said, she was as mad a a box of frogs. I would just love to be remembered in that way.

    Quavers? Thought you had more style and panache (or do I mean ganache?) Maggie LLX.

  6. I'm offended. Quavers at least don't make yer mooth sook in…..

    A box of frogs? A whole houseful you are, LL.