Saturday, 29 October 2011

As my cheeks hit the deck, I spluttered...

'I've been thrown out of better joints than this.'

The nurse turned to me and said
'Have you had a referral from the NHS?'

'No... but'...

'Hurry up, this morning we are only allowing 3 minute appointments'

'Yes I realise I'm FAR too young to qualify (for a FRIGGING flu jab) ...
however, in view of my rather unusual and not very often seen, stone in my very nubile salivary gland, my doctor thought it prudent to inoculate me!'

'While I'm here please could you lance the boil on my bum?'



  1. Ouch! You'd need more than three minutes for that!
    Get Ted to do it!!!

  2. Debs, that bit was a joke!
    As I strode up to the village sleeveless in order not to excede my allotted 3 minute slot, I thought 'Boy am I glad the injection isn't in my bottom!?! LLX'

  3. Great cartoon!

    3 minute appointment? We dream of 3 minute appointments round here!

    I expect the nurse was rather glad the injection wasn't in your bottom too...... ;o)


  4. Duh! Don't you think I knew that! I might be a bit naive but I think I know you well enough to know when you are being flippant!
    I was only joking too....