Saturday, 5 October 2013

The vipers nest of...

cables, by the law of Sod
we threw away last Sunday.

The scrap metal man was only 
too pleased to take them.

What do we need today?
The cable that connects the Canon wireless printer
to my new laptop.

Wireless?  I hear you cry...
you don't need a cable.

By our own admission, we aren't
computer whizz kids,
nor would I want to be.

The trouble is, the printer will scan
things to the computer,
but not print bumpf from the computer.

We have followed all directions,
stuck the disc in to start over 
 and still the same.

We discover looking at the instruction book,
us old folks think a hard copy
is preferable to on-line help;
reason being, the computer lobs the odd
mumbo-jumbo computer speak at you...

we need the lead in order to reset it.
Can you cotton-picking believe it?

It is so frustrating that we haven't got that innate
computer understanding that
 most people many years our junior seem to have.

The biggest puzzle to me,
 is the fact it works one way
and not the other.

Addendum... Nay, a sodding great humongous... Addendum...

I've only gone and blown the doors oft!  By trial and error, I've sorted out the problem...
How, heaven only knows?  The only trouble now is... has common sense come and bitten me on the bum... 

I bloody hope not... as I've made my name by being ditsy with tact having no place in my life.

Crimplene and bobble slippers here we come............  Hold tight!


  1. Oh noooo :( Printers are so cheap to buy these days, probably cheaper than buying a new cable ~ go figure :)

  2. Carol, that's exactly what Ted said. And there's me trying to save the planet, by not being consumer-driven. Although talking of driving, I did drive an hour this week in order to take six bottles back to Harveys Brewery in Lewes, in order to recycle - go figure ๐Ÿ˜„


    1. The two question marks were very smiley brightly coloured faces, which grumpy blog won't recognise... ☺☺... let's see if this works?


    2. Oh, I totally agree. They worry about burying spent nuclear fuel rods ~ I reckon there must be huge holes all over the world with old computer screens, keyboards, mice and printers ~ oh and lost cables 

  3. You couldn't make it up Linda! That always happens to me, throw something out and sure as shot you need it. Well done for sorting it out, although if you are anything like me you have no clue as to how you did!!!!

    1. That really sums my life up Jayne, I roll (being the operative word) from one cock up to another! Although having sorted the problem out, nobody is more amazed than me.