Monday, 28 October 2013

I can't do this anymore...

When you write a blog...
I think the criteria you must meet is...

1.  Be informative

2.  Be fun and full of fizz

3.  Say and do outrageous things

4.  Be entertaining

5.  Make folk chuckle

6.  Swear... if appropriate...

7.  Without fear of folk pulling the plug
on being a follower, which take it from me they will

8.  Be political

 9.  Not have a care

10.  And the most important in my book...
be true to yourself and your beliefs

So for the time being...
I'm signing off...
Alright I am fully aware I might be 
blogging's answer to Frank Sinatra
and will have more come backs than
is good for a girl...
but hey-ho...




  1. Linda, I am just up having a cuppa ~ your post ~ I have been waiting patiently to see your return ~ and this is sad news. I will miss you. I have missed you since Lettice passed. But I absolutely u derstand because each week I go through the same questions ~ can I do this, can I share myself, can I write, why am I doing this, does it matter. Big big big hugs. You know how to contact me if you need anything or just want to say Hi. xx

  2. I understand Linda, will miss your posts. Jayne x

  3. I've only just found you, and truly enjoy visiting your blog. But I understand while also hoping to see you again.

  4. I will miss your posts (insert sad face) but look forward to your comeback.

  5. My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather always used to say to me that life is like a multi-storey car park. You spend some time on the down-ramp in circles, some time limbo dancing under the "in" barriers and a lot of time using the stairs after having waited in vain for the lifts to arrive. Then, in the middle of your shopping, you have to go back because you can't remember if you bought a ticket or, if you did, whether you put it on display in the windyscream.

    I think it was very profound, considering, and may even be apposite. There's a multi-storey apposite the council offices, but I wouldn't recommend it.

  6. I shall miss you and hope you will return. I always read your posts even though I don't always comment. In fact I am in Australia at the moment (and writing this in your early morning and my late night} so not updating my blog for various technical reasons.

    May I say that I'm puzzled by your list of criteria for writing a blog. I read variations on this theme all the time from bloggers who seem to have run out of steam. I simply don't get it. I write my blog for myself. I don't much care who reads it. If they enjoy and follow - that's great - for both of us. But I really don't worry about random visitors or those who don't choose to follow. Of course I appreciate those who take the trouble to comment and make an effort to reciprocate. In fact I do happen to know many of my followers having met them at vintage fairs.

    See you back here soon I hope!

  7. Take a break and come back soon Linda. Re charge your batteries and let us all have more of your wit...
    Jump in a car, train or plane...and tell us what you have been up to.
    You can do it, you know you can...
    Take care,
    Julie x

  8. Will miss you Lindy Lou! xx
    Will call soon xx

  9. I shall miss you too! Do what you have to do and take the time you need to do it. x

  10. Thank you everyone... I am just so sad. I can't seem to shake off the gloom, and as I always try to look on the bright side, I feel I'm letting you all down. Ridiculous, I know, because in so many ways you've shown you care and understand. Your messages and thoughts I really do appreciate.


  11. I'm with Julie Cloth Shed on this one - re-charge those batteries, stoke up the boiler, whatever it takes.
    Looking forward to more of your speciality dish - Tarte Wit!