Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I need some help and
sage advice.

Years ago I joined a staff
lottery in an 'important' household
(well in their opinion)
I left in 1998 and every new year I've sent off
my £52 subs.
I phone the cook for a news catch-up
once a year or so, and apart from 
a smallish win in the early days
we haven't won a bean.
Any small wins have been ploughed back.

Now the lottery is going up to
£2 what do I do?
Any suggestions?

I could send the outstanding amount until the year end
and then call it a day.
The thought of sending off £104 every year
doesn't have the same appeal.
By the law of Sod, you can bet your bottom dollar
that they will then go on to win!

I ought to own up, the sole reason 
for me being in the syndicate is to knock the family
off the tabloid front pages...

'So&So's staff lottery syndicate
win squillions of millions of quids'

Not altogether showing myself in a good light
I know; however perhaps you might feel the
same when you'd worked your socks off 
for a paltry pittance.


  1. LL, I worked for the lottery office here in Queensland for over 6 years, and I am sure I don't have to tell you your odds. Syndicates are the best way to play. £2 per week is what less than a cup of coffee? As they say here you have to be in it to win it. I have the occasional play when it's a jackpot, but that is the worst time to play because your odds are even less. I don't think I have helped :)

  2. When you say it like that Carol, it doesn't sound so bad.


    1. Linda, please don't let me influence you either way ~ I was merely putting forward both sides of the argument. I have absolutely nothing to my name after the GFC, if I thought a Lotto win was going to solve all my financial problems I would be definitely playing.

  3. Just buy your own Linda! Odds are stacked against you.x

    1. I do Jayne, I do. Unfortunately one morning I woke up with six numbers indelibly tatooed on my brain. Now I'd be the first to admit numbers, sums and sensible stuff don't figure hugely in my life... so the upshot of this weird dream is I'm on the lottery treadmill. Ridiculous I know, but then I am.

      The syndicate participation, is just me being stuffed full of avarice, just in order to thumb my nose at the family who have made Avarice their middle name. Not showing myself in a good light I know, but do I ever... No!


  4. Dear Linda - surely you are not one of "the herd"? Not a sheeple?
    Stop this foolish lottery playing AT ONCE!