Saturday, 19 October 2013

I'm in deep mourning...

no, not this time for Lettice.
For the integrity of our politicians.

This government I liken to Jimmy Savile...
They are raping our country for their own evil ends.
By turning a blind eye, we the public could be likened 
to the police and the many others 
that were in the pay of that ghastly paedophile...

Why are we doing it?
God knows?

For example...
once the law is passed to get the Chinese
to 'kindly' sort out our
 wonderful nuclear energy programme
for us...

can the next party elected, reverse the it?
Of course they can't!

The reason in my view is that as 
George Osborne says

'Otherwise the taxpayer will have to pay!'

His real meaning is, his party  doesn't want to lose votes by
raising taxes.   This is despite the fact that we would then keep
 the energy provisions that haven't 
already been flogged off, under our own control.

Smog and pollution of the past...
here we come!
The Chinese will then have...
 make no mistake about it...
our tacit agreement by us sitting by 
doing bugger all
and letting it happen.
They've screwed their own country
now it's our turn.


  1. I'm a bit naive about taxes - I've never understood why we shouldn't all be happy to contribute what we can afford towards the health & well-being of our whole nation: it's education system, utilities, health service etc. (I'm sure loads of people will now put me right - "It's not our nation any more" Blah blah.)

  2. Thank you for commenting Nilly, it's just you and me brave enough to comment. For most, apathy rules... ok! Well in my book it isn't ok!

    Opening the Sunday papers I read so many far, far more intelligent folk than me have written along similar lines. Begging bowl Britain is what I'm ashamed to say this country has become, and what do we do about it... look the other way.


  3. Cor blimey Lettice, which side of the bed did you get out of on Saturday morning? Like Nilly, I don't have a problem with taxation - as long as everybody else is correctly paying their way. You don't get something for nothing - apart from swine flu and spam e-mails. As for the Chinese, I'll have a number 37 - chicken chow mein, number 13 - a nuclear power plant and number 69 - a planeload of Chinese university students.

  4. You seem to have got your dander up on this one Linda. I don't have a problem with taxation either the same as Yorkshire Pudding. I don't seem to understand any of it, logic just doesn't seem to come into it!

  5. I think the word that comes to mind is helpless, we are all totally helpless and at the mercy of people who in my opinion should be taken outside, put up against a wall and publicly shot (that applies to all politicians) there... now both of us will be having our computers monitored by the security services. x

  6. ... especially as I've just used the word bombed in a comment on ted and bunny in respect of 'yarn bombing'... oh dear now I've gone and put it on yours.. those flags will be popping up on their computers like god knows what! especially as I've just used the word god in the same sentence! expect to hear strange noises on your phone line over the next couple of days. x

  7. Sorry that I haven't replied to every comment. I'm afraid I'm too deeply mired in gloom at the moment. My usual riding rough-shod over all in my path has hit a problem: my Firestone chariot tyres are flat, even the knives need a good sharpening.

    Politians rest easy in their beds... I'm so missing my little dog.