Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Why is it I hate Dahlias SO MUCH?

Can anyone please tell me?
Am I alone I wonder?

Dahlias in my mind I associate with BIG PINK BLOOMERS, the sweet smell of lavender overlaid with wee.

Where does this association come from? Growing up in the Fifties perhaps? When men wore Harris Tweed jackets, flannelette shirts and trousers tied up with twine. Leaning on the garden gate with pipe at full fume, admiring their Chrysanthemums and the dreaded dahlias. In serried rows they stand with sentinel flower-pots on sticks filled with straw to attract the earwigs.
It makes me feel funny just thinking about it. Weird or what?

My worry now, is when will it be my turn to rush out and buy the bloomers. How will I know? Will I wake up one morning and feel it in my water..... Today's the day! And horror of horrors will I rush off to the garden centre and fill my left knicker leg (which I will be able to do courtesy of the elastic in the legs) with dahlia tubers?


  1. Haha your post made me laugh. I like them but, I'm just getting into liking flowers after a long time with sneeze fear. ;)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. It's a bizarre situation isn't it? Hopefully the person who did it feels sick to their core.

    I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment that you might like to enter, it's for a beautiful handmade bag.

  2. I'm still hopping on your behalf. I even woke up early (5am!) worrying on your behalf about how awful it must have made you feel. Just keep doing what you're doing Mrs T. We all love you. She, He or It are just jelly.