Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mykonos here we come!

Alright I know it's the island of getting your kit off, however I'm taking no chances. Everyone knows today the damage sun does to your skin, nut brown bod and wrinkles are soooo last season. Factor 30 summer and winter is my mantra, in a gentle light and with a following wind I could pass for 60 anyday!
Tomorrow we're off, so today I will be throwing clothes (vintage of course) into my case, short-listing the 26 books I just can't manage 10 days without and trogging off to Heathrow. Lettice is booked into her 5* accommodation (she lives en famille) in Tatsfield (where?) The island's best hotel awaits our arrival. What they make of us ageing hippies, well me anyway, kitted out in my £5 maximum spend dresses and old, much worn and loved gear heaven only knows. We cut a swathe through the folk who dust off the old tiaras and change for dinner. We know how to live frugally....... hang on a minute, best hotels, 5* doggy residence, AIR MILES, high carbon footprint, excess in all its forms. It makes me feel guilty just typing it.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, cheerio here I go on my way...

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