Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Are fluffy dice the Marmite of motoring?

I hate to confess this but one of my great loves is my 'scratch' black Smart car.
No ordinary car this... it sports a Persian rug, essence of amber to perfume the air, heated black leather seats, an electric sun-roof and to add an air of sophistication two red noses and the creme de la creme -
a pair of FLUFFY DICE.

Kitsch isn't even close to giving them their due reverence. They are so far off the scale of bad taste they are meeting good taste coming the other way.

I just love 'em!


  1. I beg to differ.......
    they remind me of an old boyfriend and the Ford Capri he drove!
    Aahh...second thoughts.....maybe they are not so bad!!

  2. See what I mean - you either love them or hate them. In most people it generates the latter, I feel it's my job to re-educate them to the joys of motoring with naff attitude. I do draw the line at having Lin and Let's on the windscreen though. Are you a Marmite girl Debs?

  3. Hi Lettice!
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    Thanks for asking, on my blog you can just click on the Folksy badge and it will take you there!
    Heather x