Monday, 13 September 2010

Am I alone I wonder?

I buy loads of interesting bits of fabric, retro, vintage,
beautifully embroidered traycloths and treasures of yore.

My nose inhales their musty scent evocative of a bygone age,
I admire the hours of work that has gone into them, I imagine
the stories they could tell.

I squirrel them away in the cupboard.

Silas Marner like, at night I dream of the value.

Gold coins running through my fingers.

I'm rich!

But wait...

In my dreams I plan, I scheme of all the glorious things
I will make.

I cut, I style, I snip............NO!

How could I?

Back into the cupboard they go...

Silas would be proud!


  1. Go on Lettice - use those fabrics. You will still have them but made into something you may see and use and feel every day.

  2. I hear the words and yes, reluctantly I have to agree. You're my teacher, I will do as I'm told. With your help I WILL BEAT THIS ADDICTION.

  3. I agree with Debs. Use them.
    I'm going to turn tray cloths into a laptop cover in a couple of weeks.

  4. Last Christmas I gave my hubs two computer screen covers made from a table runner. It took him 'til Boxing Day to work out what to do with them!
    Thank you for your comment, I thought there was no one out there but Debs.

  5. I love the way you have your blog designed. I haven't seen another like this. No you're not alone I get my linens out, gaze , sniff and wonder at the stories they could tell if they only had words and then put them back in the cupboard until another day!