Saturday, 11 September 2010

I keep walking sideways up to this blooming blog!

This was me in the days before recycling became so PC!

You may be able to see that the pram is made out of orange boxes, the hood was made with a hinge at the back. On a sunny day I could lower the hood, alright, even then I did feel a bit stupid, because when it was down it exactly resembled a cow-catcher on the front of a train.

This was made for me by my lovely eccentric grandpa. He of Barclays Bank; in the days when bankers were held in high esteem. A bank manager by day, the formal dress of pin stripe suit swopped for a Gannex mac and beret off duty.
Even at the great age of five I was totally bowled over by this apparition astride his motorbike. What set the scene was the all-pervading smell of fish coming from the back of the bike. What? Fish heads of course for the cats!

Peter's rabbit sits under one of my grandfather's carvings. Oh! I forgot to tell you he was the most amazing woodcarver as well.

Brawn was another one of his specialities, made from half a pig's head. I can taste it to this day. We knew all about recycling, make do and mend. Survival it was called in those days.


  1. Lovely memories.
    I enjoy my memories of my paternal grandad too. The fact that he had cut off the top of his thumb sometime always enthralled us. Strangely enough my dad did the same thing and had a stumpy thumb just like his dad had!

  2. Ahhh, Peter's Rabbit certainly looks like life has dealt him a poor hand!
    This post has stirred up all sorts of Grandfather was good with wood too (he made furniture) and I can see the 'animal' glue boiling in a pot on the Baby Belling now!