Sunday, 12 September 2010

I've just started wearing a watch!

Can you believe it?
After all these years?
Too many to mention!
So I won't!

Sorting out my old toot, I discovered a watch that I'd forgotten I'd got. Over the years I've been the recipient of many a time piece, all of which were ceremoniously chucked into a drawer... Madam to the last ... me.

This one however was my Aunt's, so to cut a long and tedious story short I have deigned to wear it. Looking on ebay I nearly fell off my chair to discover this model is on offer for £745.
Could this have any bearing on my decision I wonder?

I've had a superb solo day, doing very little; although these days are rare, they are always overlaid with a tinge of guilt.....
Ridiculous I know.

I have packed my ebay treasures finishing this evening, most of them are languishing on the opening bid. Why is it when I really, really want something every other bod does as well? Looking on the bright side I must have burnt off a few calories bobbing up and down to my eyrie in the sky to check the non-existent bids.

I had intended to make some more things to sell...
Cheese scones and the Sunday papers got in the way.

I know this picture has nothing to do with this particular blog - I'm new to this so...
I though you might like to see this brooch made by me!?!

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