Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday sofa musings ...

I sort of knew the day wouldn't take the usual course ...


How many people do you know that lay in bed on a Sunday morning discussing the finer points of their mothers boiling the veg for 20 minutes? The addition of adding a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to the cabbage pan was also touched on. However that subject was scotched because coming from a more upwardly mobile family it wasn't the done thing in our house!

On our walk the next subject for discussion was the proliferation of plastic bags of dog poo hanging in trees and bushes. In fairness that subject was debated by us yesterday seeing a couple in the village field with two dogs, go to the bother of harvesting the excrement only to disappear down a track, returning with empty hands!?! Sawing a lady in half yes, disappearing dog poo ..... NO!

The Monthly Food Magazine in the Observer ... I love it.

Another quote in the papers that tickled me "As cosy as a cat in a cardigan".

Why have we in the UK started kissing each other on both cheeks?

Last but not least, the death of the lovely Claire Rayner ... What a woman.
Back in 1992 I met her on several occasions on BBC Good Morning with Anne and Nick. Although I was the new girl, she was friendly, charming and very encouraging as I waited for my appearence on live television.

Oh the joys of having an active brain ... just wish the bod was as busy ... the sofa summons ... zzz

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