Monday, 18 October 2010

My head spins with ideas ...

... my hands don't follow suit!
Today I've spent in the studio getting things ready for my first craft fair for a couple of years.
When I look at my pathetic efforts I get a huge dose of doubt.

Tuesday up-date ...

This was the start of my yesterday's post, I couldn't carry on. I felt horribly flat, my usual ebullience had deserted me. Why? The worry of my lovely little Lettice coming to the end of her life. She's had two mini doggy strokes and although she's bright, but wobbly at the moment, there is the awful decision sneaking over the horizon. I've always said I will do the right thing for her, never prolong her life for my own selfish ends. Trouble is knowing when. Not today nor yet tomorrow? She's bright and as always my furry faithful friend. I just hope I can maintain my fun and fizz around her so as not to give her an inkling of my fears.

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  1. That's so sweet - I hope she is ok and hasn't been poorly again. Hope to see you both soon xx