Wednesday, 27 October 2010

From today on... I'm going to try my level best to be SENSIBLE!

A big ask I know, however.....
at my age 63 going on 13 I really do think the time has come.
Fluffy dice, dog poo hanging in trees, cross-dressing scarecrows et al all have their place, not sure where mind! From this day on I will try and bring you my 'home thoughts from a broad'.

My passion is making stuff; although having said that the worst thing for me to do, is to look at other peoples' blogs and see their magical creations. I then look at mine and wonder what the hell I'm wasting my time for. My first craft fair for a few years was on Saturday and I think folk are finally getting where I'm coming from, just wish they'd let me in on the secret, then I could get the return ticket. At the 2006 craft fair all my wares were made from odds and ends (all recycled bits), trouble is I was a bit ahead of the revival; in my inflated image I was a trend setter, never one to hide my light under a bushel. The other stall holders with bought-in hippy tat, awful dried flower arrangements, fluffy scarfs, silver plated goblets and gaud all looked at me as if I'd stepped out of the police box on the arm of the rather delicious Dr. Who (Dave to his friends). Is it any wonder I sold precisely NOWT?
Four years down the line and suddenly they seem to get it. I'm now waiting for Rubenesque
buttocks and bosoms to be in vogue then I've cracked it!


  1. LOL. Forget sensible, its hugely over-rated and leads to growing old.

    Rubenesque, such a lovely word. I, too, am waiting for this particular word to be on trend! ... ;0)

    Shirl xxx

  2. Shirl, My hubs says "Bet no-one knows exactly where you're coming from!"
    NOW I can show him that at least one person does - YOU! XXL Thanks, LinX