Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm off to the thumb hospital today...

I've finally succumbed,
su-thumbed even!

Such a piffling thing...
the pain...
and me always boasting of having a 
high pain threshold.
Not a bit of it...
quivering pathetic wreck, more like!

Any road, what decided it, was the thought of having to choose
between a wet shave, strop, cut-throat razor, you know the one?
Or sensuous, slippery, slithery shaving oil;
a Van Dyke, a Roy Wood (remember him?) full set,
or my current modus operandi...
a cactus impersonator.

In short...
me thumb can't pluck
the offending hairs, bristles
and hairy hemp that insists on
sprouting on my chinny, chin, chins!

Wish me luck...


  1. dont go Thumbelina- you could always wax instead!

    1. Must confess Bunny, I'm a tad worried that after the steroid injection, the hair might advance onto my treasure chest.

  2. I am considering a hedge trimmer...............

  3. Getting older does have some plus points, my eyes are going so I can not see the hairs, on the other hand I have just invested in a ten times magnification!!!! o.m.g.!!!!! Still, good for plucking purposes of the eyebrow kind and I am quite pleased when I look in a normal mirror, don't think look too bad!!! Love deluded of Cullercoats. p.s. hope thumb doc has some answers. jayne x

  4. Hope it goes well.
    Do you get 'magic cream' first to numb the injection site? I know they do that for children but also think they should offer it to those of a nervous disposition!

  5. Any road? Any road! I think you've picked up a little Yorkshire-itis !
    By the way, I've also just bought a new magnifying mirror for plucking purposes but it has a fault which makes it drag everything down on one side - so now I know what I'll look like if I have a stroke AND a hairy chin.

  6. PS - about your previous post. I'm driving myself nuts trying to work out who Jean is!