Monday, 24 December 2012

I must be getting old...

to be orgasmic...
at the return of Hubs from shopping, with...
a set of double-sided pastry cutters.
Is this the end?
In my long and busy life, I have never been the proud owner
of any cutters, always using glasses, you know the sort...
pints for the bottoms, wine glasses for the tops.

My ecstatic response was greeted with 
a crest-fallen face.

'If only I'd put them in the end of her stocking, instead of the banana and two nuts
she usually gets.  Christmas morning for me would have have reached new heights!'
briefly flitted across his physog!

Happy Days!


  1. Lucky to even remember what being orgasmic felt like...

  2. Happy Christmas LL xx :-) I use an old pink teacup for bottoms and my mums pastry cutter for the top, just the one!!

  3. Well, we are very easily pleased, that is all I have got to say! Happy Days x

  4. I wonder what pastry cutters are for...? Um, baked bunting?
    (Only joking)