Saturday, 22 December 2012

One thing I wish I hadn't said...

in 2012...

'Wash your mouth out!'
and only this week to the specialist
(I know he was an expert in his field, cos his title was Mr.)
as I swept out of his room, 
after his ever so gently suggesting me take some pain-killers.
He had just injected my 'badly thumbly' with
Steroid stuff! 
I had taken Hubs as my translator, mediator and all-round good egg,
by means of damage limitation.
If only Mr. Arth Rightus had been an ace in the area of...
opening your mouth and putting your foot in it...
the job would have been a good'un.
tales with happy endings only
occur in fairy stories.

More regrets, mishaps and funny things that 
have happened in my world this year...
to follow...


  1. how lovely to have ended 2012 with only ONE thing you wish you hadn't said...!!

    I had that injection into my elbow some time back and as the Mr was preparing the needle he shook his head and said "you know, I don't think I'd have this"
    "why" I replied, "are you more into alternative therapies?"
    "no" he said "it just hurts so bloody much"

    1. And as you know Elaine, it did flaming hurt, although not as bad as I had been led to believe. I wouldn't mind but as of now, it doesn't seem to be working.

      So many things, I wish I hadn't said in my whole life, that was just the last one hopefully of this year. Possible new year resolution LL... be more circumspect!?!


  2. You are truly heroic LL - and when it comes to expleting, blaspheming, cursing etc. after a "certain age" it's expected of one, isn't it?
    PS. Still can't work out who Jean of Leeds is.

    1. Wing me off an email Nilly, then I'll explain. Jean knows you from antique fairs etc.

      Heroic not me I'm afraid... a daft tart more like!


  3. Look forward to reading that post Linda! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. jayne x

  4. Hoping that the pain has eased and you are able to reach for a glass of something medicinal. Looking forward to reading more from you next year. Happy Christmas!