Sunday, 16 December 2012

I said to my new found friend...

as we sat partaking of a leisurely luncheon in 
No 8,  Gillygate, York, 
'I've looked high and low for the elusive Nilly Hall!'
' I know her!' 
she dropped like a bombshell into the conversation.
Peeling myself from the linoleum...
(well glasses of wine had been 'drunk')
I replied in my very best Estuary English...
(Kentish maid... Dartford born and bred... me!)
My gob had never been more smacked.

I ought to explain...
Had a 'orrible feeling you would!
My new found friend is Jean*
ebayer extraordinaire
who I met eons ago, 
when I bought the most wondrous
carpet bag. 

A carpet bag Aladdin would have  
been pleased to carry, business class of course.
 I have never been disappointed by my purchases from jbugsy1, 
her generosity knows no bounds.

Knowing I was coming up to York, I sneakily 
bought some fabric from her.
' Don't send it!'  I airily replied.
'Save money on the postage, I'll meet you in York!'
No guesses whose gob was smacked this time!

' Oh shit!'  
reverberated all the way from Leeds to Kent.
She had no escape, poor lass.

Nilly, my advice to you is... hope I never find you!

* Jean lives in Leeds; don't be put off by her listings having 'from Turkey' on them.  
There is obviously a glitch in ebay's system.

Errr... I've just hit the link and no blooming mention of 'From Turkey'.  The glitch is obviously in my system... no surprise there LL!


  1. Has anybody out there understood this epistle? Well I don't mind admitting, I've written it, and even I can't make head nor tail of it!

    Happy Days,


  2. LL - I am so intrigued! Jean, Jean, do I know a Jean? (apart from the one in 2A whose family served me up jellied eels & celery when I went to tea and who married a Methodist minister.)In which sense I wonder, does she know me - in ebay world, the real world...? Jean???????
    This MUST be someone who knows me and Mr N from the High Class Antiques Events we frequent...
    Is it?
    Is it?