Sunday, 29 January 2012

Like a nail across glass paper...

silhouetted against the bedroom window
he stood at the window scratching his left cheek.

A taste of a
Cold foggy morn - 
Sunday in the Weald of Kent.

What to do today LL?

I know what I should do...
 Crafting, as opposed to grafting for Kitsch and Stitch
(see side bar)
Customising Denim is what I'm doing...

Try to keep moving on...
that way the blighters never catch you!
Trouble is, they never want to.

Be fresh and innovative,
one step ahead...
Yes, yes, YES...
we've heard it all before.

I must confess I've been bored with this blogging lark
and I don't think I'm alone, nothing much seems to be moving 
in blogland.  In these chilly months you'd think we'd all be at it.
But no!

Have your creative juices taken a nose-dive like mine I wonder?

I did get over in the studio and made a start
 listening to the 70th birthday edition of
Desert Island Discs.
And very good it was too.

I'm in gardening mode at the moment...
Garden?  This weather?
Last year being heavily involved in the organising of
Kitsch and Stitch
my poor plot got horribly neglected.
As I'm now just a stall holder, I have more time to potter in my potager.
Already I have great plans afoot and the warmer days of last week found me 
up to my knees in weeds 'n muck.
Heaven of the compost kind.

Now, 4 pm-ish, I'm off to close the greenhouse door and begin to prep the 
Sunday rib of beef,
served unfortunately without Yorkshire puddings
due to me still battling to get the Christmas pounds oft!
(how do you make yours?  Mine are ALWAYS 2 eggs to 4oz Plain flour)
And I PROMISE I will do the next instalment of my 
Masterchef experiences...
cross my heart and all that jazz!

I'm looking for a man
who can meet my neeps!




  1. We were outside looking at our dismal garden yesterday too, making plans. Whether anything with happen, who knows!
    Only 1 egg in my yorkies, love them.
    Lisa x

  2. Try two Lisa and see the difference - you'll be amazed! LLX