Friday, 6 January 2012

Why, Oh Flaming WHY...

am I such a stroppy moo?

Always have been and, ghastly thought always will be!

For fear of losing yet another follower
(now down to 24) 
due in part, methinks to the never to be mentioned...
race, religion or politics.

Yes hands up...
I did KILL Herman and...
Yes I do think the Euro is doomed.
One down 24 to go!

'Remember LL this blog is purely for you'
"Go on indulge yourself!
Use as many exclamation marks as you want...
let's face it...
that's exactly how you talk...
twaddle, overlaid with cliches."

And while we're on the subject...
Is anyone as sick to the back teeth as me with the 
Cath Kidson, Emma Bridgewater, Orla Whatnot,
Sarah Raven, Oka, Boden...
 dah de dah...
You just can't open a magazine without them being featured.
I thought Maggie got shot of the closed shop?

There are so many talented new kids on the block... 
For goodness sake give them a chance.

I love my monthly magazines and at nearly four quid a throw, are they good value for money?   Don't they realise we know that the mock-up features are just a reason for the editorial team to get oddles of freebies to photograph?  To then trundle off home with the goodies. 

Real people in real homes that's all I ask.
Is it too much?

The one magazine that seems to be, like good wine improving with age is...
Homes and Antiques.

It's bright, and as the February issue says
'Chic & cheerful' 
'Stunning Real Homes' 

I love it!

Happy Days!



  1. Oh shut up, you stroppy moo.

  2. Actually, I love Cath, Orla, Emma etc etc so I return to my first comment.

  3. When I was given a very small cash bonus at work a couple of years ago I decided to treat myself to 2 years of Country Living on subscription. I have barely read the last 6 months as it's so blah, so many adverts. I have seen this mag recommended a few times. Maybe give it a go.
    Lisa x

  4. Lisa, no names, no pack drill - that is exactly who I was talking about! Surely they must know we can see through them? Perhaps they're making so much money from advertisers they really don't care!

    Jo, don't worry, it's just a fleeting fancy AND you could always get ointment for it!


  5. Funny I was just thinking about Kath today,,.. I thought it must be such a bummer to be really sucsessful, to the point of being so sucsessful you become abit, well over done really, I'm not sure how you avoid that one, purhaps she has had her day. Bit pricey too, off to a jumble tommorow, can get the real vintage thing for 20p!!!!
    Have been trying to get hold of a copy of that mag it's sold out everywhere I look, so must be good, x

  6. Laugh all the way to the jumble Sophie - you've certainly got an eye for a bargain any road.


  7. Linda...I couldn't agree more with everything you say. I have stopped buying magazines, far too expensive, would much rather buy a book. Not a CK one though x

  8. I never heard of Cath Kidson until I started blogging a year ago and I don't know who the rest of the people are that you mentioned so I guess I must be off the beaten path somewhere. As far as magazinez...I don't buy them anymore. I use the internet to find ideas and things that interest me.

  9. Completely agree re Country Living - the last few months I've found I just flick through it and then put it to on side. And if you look back at past issues, all the covers are almost identical. I also agree re Homes and Antiques - it's going from strength to strength and really seems to be hitting the spot as far as both "homes" and "antiques" go (or at least vintage) My only moan would be that they keep using that terrible word "vintiquing" - hate it!

  10. Mary Ann - stay as sweet as you are. Saving money and using the internet - finger on the pulse I'd say in these straitened times.

    Debs - it was you that introduced me to Homes and Antiques - for that and many other things I thank you!


  11. This is the other Debbie - the stitcher!- I do still buy the mags, but everytime I say no more!! Trouble is I always hope that there is going to be something really different in them and I always wait in anticipation for them to be on the newsagents' shelves. Homes and Antiques is my favourite too - I now subscribe (good old Tesco vouchers, so didn't cost me a penny).
    I had a chuck out of mags before Christmas - the docs surgery didn't want them - my sisters/mum took some but the rest went into the paper bin at the tip. Adding up what I had spent on them I could have fed us all for a month or more!
    A New Year resolution is not to buy ANYMORE!!!!
    And no more sewing/crafting mags either - especially when I could write my own!!!

  12. Hi to the other Debbie (the first Debbie comment)! Thanks for commenting on my blog, went to visit you and voila... nothing there!

    To me ole mucker Debs... Write your own? What are you waiting for?

    You've certainly got the skills!


  13. Hi - sorry, its the "other" Debbie here again! Came across your blog by chance from somewhere else (I haven't a clue where), but read your comment re the magazines and felt the need to respond - I hope you didn't mind?! I am now subscribed to your blog but not sure where you went to visit (am new to this blogging stuff)?

  14. The other Debbie, NEVER apologise for commenting, the comments are the life blood of blogging. Thank you, and how's about you starting your own blog?

    I'm fairly new to it Debbie and still haven't really got a complete handle on it. For example my followers seem to hover between 24/25 and people I know are followers don't appeared on the list. As I haven't got a clue, I don't know how to sort the problem out! Plus all the blogs I follow don't appear in my sidebar which I also don't know how to correct.
    My main reason for blogging is for me. I get my knickers in a twist about something, then fly up here (There, my secrets out, I really am a witch) dash off a strop, feel much better for it, then carry on. So for me it is purely self indulgent.