Sunday, 8 January 2012

Am I missing something here...

or is it the ole cynic rides again?

I just don't get it?

Perhaps you can tell me...
why are there so many swops and give aways
in blogland?

Now the 'wickeder' side of me might say...
'It's in order to get more followers and comments!'
The nicer, kinder, gentler bit might say...
'The kindness of folk knows no bounds!'

Where are you in this debate that takes place on a regular basis in my head?

Is the world becoming prey to the supermarket
buy one, get one free, con trick?

Only the other day in my favourite store I went to get some cleaning stuff.
Imagine my absolute horror at being faced with buy two, get one free.
Me buying one is an event to be noted in Old Moore's Almanac...
two would be enough to last me till 2020.
Frigging three, I would be able to bequeath one in my 
last will and testament.

Yes you know the answer...
Mr Muslce now features large in my life.

Then we get onto the altogether more exciting offer of 
my nibble of choice made by a certain Mr Walker (No! Not Johnnie)
{nor even yet Fanny!}

Crisps, my dear boy... CRISPS.
As my gasping hand reached for the
(as I'm getting back on the diet)
one 5 multi packet bag of Wotsits,
my hand-held device belched in the most ungainly way.
Buy two get... de dah... you know the rest.
In order to save money I thought...
'It does make sense!
I'll ration them and only eat one 5 pack this weekend.'
Saving me money on next weeks shop.
All sounds very reasonable, you'll agree?

Blow me down with a feather...
The next Walkers (for Hubs) Salt and Shake
also elicited the same response.
'That's easy thought I, I'll put one packet of wotsits back and get himself one pack of 
S & S.  (I love him, however not two packets worth)
The machine said save 49p buying two.
Ditto the same reasoning applied.

Struggling home under a weight of fat and salt laden potatoes
and far, far worse than that elbow grease by any other name.
Was I delighted by my canny buying?

Blooming hell No!

I felt I'd been conned.

And dear reader (at this rate there will soon be only one)
is how I feel about swops and give aways.

They're a ploy to get comments and followers,
and like the 'nice' Mr Supermarkets... 
their darstardly plan is working.

I'm off to cower under the...
'seemed like a bargain not to be missed...
'Now with wings' mountain!?!

Surely she's far too old?



  1. Ha Ha! Good post! I admit to doing giveaways quite often - I have just got rid of some old but perfect stock, 22 pairs of bag handles. For me I often have stock to shed or even to promote. I like to thank people for following me and my favourite way to do a giveaway is to pick a name at random from the previous months comments - this way people do not know they have entered a giveaway and I can be nice with no bribery involved.

    I must say I hate it when bloggers say that to enter the giveaway you have to put a badge in your sidebar, blog about the give away and jump through a million hoops. I just think 'sod it' I am not joining in!

    Is that a picture of you? If so you are gorgeous! I know the witch picture is definitely you!!! ha ha!

  2. I did a giveaway when I'd been blogging for a year - having my blog has had such a positive effect on me that I HONESTLY wanted to give something back. I don't think I gained any more followers or if I did only a couple, it wasn't that kind of thing. Anyway, what would be the point of having gazillions of followers just for the sake of it. I know some blogs where they have hundreds of followers but never get any comments. I can't see the point in that. I'm not ashamed to say I LIKE GETTING COMMENTS because that is what communication is all about - and that way you build up a relationship with bloggers, some you might even go on to meet (remember me?!). Otherwise I'd feel like I was having a conversation with myself, and I do that plenty already, I don't need to do it on my blog!

    Re BOGOF's etc - sucker!


  3. I did have one giveaway when I first started blogging that really annoyed me and I don't know if I will do any more in the future. The winner was a follower who quite obviously joined (which was not needed to enter) to participate and after winning promptly removed herself as a follower. Not a very class act I must say:(

    I just looked and I have 116 followers and only a handful ever comment which I think is very odd. I mean why become a follower if your not going to participate and interact with your fellow blogger? I appreciate comments as it gives me some idea as to whether the people who do actually read my blog like what I'm doing.

    I'm one of those bloggers that comment even if I'm not a follower. I actually got told off by a blog owner for commenting and not being a follower of her blog...oh well:)

    p.s. I won a pair of Annie's bag handles:)

  4. Mary Ann, did you say 'A pair of Annie's love handles?'

    Jo, How could I forget you? We must meet up again SOON.

    Annie, You're running a business from home and what better way than to promote your hopefully profitable side-line? Yes to the first image, no to the second!

    Thanks for your comments girls. I really do appreciate them.


  5. I like the new hair-do Linda! You said you had it cut short, but I didn't think that short!!
    (yes, yes, before you say - I know it's not you. After our conversation this morning I'm surprised you put a picture like that up 'coz everyone will think it is you!! ( isn't, is it??)

    Re BOGOF's and 2fers - I just don't, unless I use the product often - like dog food, etc (I have to feed the children something!!)

  6. Thanks to my friend Cloth Shed's elegant blog I just came across your satisfying rant! I have happily joined your followers because I love controversy and daring remarks. Dare I add...DOWN WITH BUNTING!

  7. Blooming ummer! Just visited your blog albeit briefly cos I wos cooking and I think yous and me are gonna get along... Why? Just seen what I think was a liberty bodice...
    I will return.


  8. Nobody can read this shit! Change the colours of your page, for goodness sake!

  9. Hello Anonymous... Thank you for your comment. We have the same problem with doggy-do in the garden. What with the leaves and all, a trip to the compost bin is fraught with danger. Bit like blogging I suppose!

    Nice to chat,