Saturday, 4 February 2012

Eco-warrior I ain't...

argon gas filled double glazing is all very well...
sitting shivering in a 300 year old sieve on speed is okay for the young
and well-upholstered.
For the old and well lagged bod, take it from me, 
it isn't much flaming fun.

Shivering under my fur throw
(alright, alright, ALRIGHT nothing has had to die to produce it!)
I got to thinking, and yes those of you who have stuck with me through
thick and 'thin' (read thicker) 
will know of my 'orrible fascination with drawers...
not those of the 'chest of' kind,
but of the BIG pink knicker, bloomer type.
Ghastly thought...
Will tomorrow be the day my derriere gently settles into... 
 some might say...
sexy 'little' number of warm, woolly winceyette?
Old boys of ninety perhaps?

I always used to say having a well padded figure had the advantages of
never feeling the cold.
Plus having lived in the NW Highlands of Scotland for five years 
must have toughened me up a tad?

"Oh yes! Of course you have the benefit of the Gulf Stream there, 
it must have made it positively balmy!"
Yes, yes... plonker, come and try it for your 'flaming' self!!!

I'm that way out today, must be my blood
circulating ever soooo  s l o w ly through my veins.
My creative juices are at an all-time low,
confidence in crafting has cracked.
Digging in the garden has peaked...
all winter work is sorted ready for the Spring planting.
I've even cleaned the greenhouse.
Wouldn't mind but I don't even clean the house...
far too arty-farty for that kind of menials!

I'm tired and grumpy and at a total loss
as to what to do next for the best...
ideas on a postcard.....

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