Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Views from my winter window...

I'm becoming a bit of a recluse. I love my home.
All I really want to do is to batten down the hatches and just 'be'.

Today wasn't going to be a 'be' day. Appointments at the dentist and the vets were in the diary, so off I went not before taking these pictures from my blog spot.
Driving through the Kent countryside I almost felt pleased I'd been winkled out. The spectacular hoare frosted trees made my bit of ancient hedge look a bit ordinaire.

I still can't believe I've actually started taking pictures. I blame it on this blogging lark and jolly pleased I am too. Same with writing the blog, who would have thought LL would be bothered to keep a diary. And to be honest I've reached the point I don't care if people read it, cos I'm doing it for me.
I have mentioned before that I'm a self-centred lump and there you have it!

I wasn't even worried when I tried on a luscious velvet Christmas "All in the best possible taste" dress AND in order to get it over my shoulders I had to gently dislocate them one at a time. I gave up as the bosoms hove into view and with the best will in the world there was NO WAY the dress would have accommodated these 'little' beauties.


  1. Hope all went well at the vets and the dentist.
    Fab photos.
    Lisa x

  2. All good thank you Lisa. After much internal grumping and grousing at having to leave home. I had a fulfilling day. LLX

  3. I did the splits on the ice yesterday! Tears to eyes.
    Apart from worrying about the birds and wildlife...I don't think I have ever seen frost quite like it, set against the blue sky...magical.
    Glad your day was fulfilling, hope today has been the same.

  4. Poor, poor you Viv, I fell over on Friday night, my feet went from beneath me and I fell backwards hitting my head. It was a clear night and I saw stars, luckily they were the real thing. Being a bit on the tubby-ish side I bounced, but boy have I been stiff since. I wouldn't mind but I hadn't even had a glass of grape juice! LLX